We Price Match Local and Online Competitors


For in-store purchases, if you find a lower price on an identical item with the same features currently in stock at another local competitor retail store, Vitamin Planet will match that price. Just bring in the original advertisement or proof of lower price at the competitor during your purchase. Vitamin Planet will match the price, plus give you $1.00.


Vitamin Planet will approve some online price matches depending if the item is available and ready to ship, if the online competitor is an authorized dealer and if the item is brand new. Example of a non-approved website: eBay, Deal a Day sites, etc. If the online dealer charges shipping or any other fees, Vitamin Planet will also charge that. Refer to the “dangers of buying online”. Price Match exclusions: competitors coupons, clearance, closeout prices, prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise. When we Price Match, no other coupon, promotion, discount card, or special is valid. Price Match is subject to Approval.

Price Match is valid if the same item is available at the time of the purchase. We will call the competitor to check!